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From Rosario Dawson Online - http://rosario-dawson.net

Rosario Dawson's 30th birthday is coming up soon on May 9th and I know many of you continuously write to the site in hopes of sending along a message to her. Well now here's your chance!

Send in your emails, videos, drawings, anything you can come up with to rosarioonline[at]gmail.com by May 8th (the day before her birthday) in order to have your well wishes sent her way. As with anything we just have a few guidelines:

1.Write "Birthday Message For Rosario" in the subject line of the email to ensure we see it.

2. We're only accepting things via email because frankly we would hate to lose all your hard work due to the post office.

3. This is only regarding her birthday, we do not handle requests for appearances, scripts, treatments, etc. We've stated that many times before on this site, however it doesn't hurt to repeat it. Any messages that do not adhere to this will be rejected.

4. Speaking of... no self promotions. This is not the venue for it and it will be rejected.

5. We'll be sure to highlight messages over the course of the day, however if you wish for yours to remain private just let us know in the email and we'll respect your wishes.

6. Keep things respectful folks. No need to be lewd, the staff will reject it. Same rules apply for videos as well.

7. If you want to make a video message please upload it to youtube (or any video service of choice) and email it to us.

8. Be creative as you'd like! We encourage it.

Thanks so much for your continued support of the site and we look forward to seeing your messages!
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