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Real Authentic Rosario Dawson Love [entries|friends|calendar]
Real Authentic Rosario Dawson Love

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55 Rosario Dawson in Percy Jackson [03 Jul 2010|01:48pm]

55 as Persephone in Percy Jackson & The Olympians

( THESE + 52 MORE @ citadel_icons )
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140 Rosario Dawson in Eagle Eye [07 Apr 2010|12:06pm]

120 from Eagle Eye
020 from a Voto Latino event

[ THESE + 137 MORE @ citadel_icons ]
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picspam/icons. [19 Feb 2010|11:53pm]


( picspam here )

& 3 associated icons

( here )
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50 Rosario Dawson icons [19 Jan 2010|04:38pm]

33 Rosario Dawson in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and various appearances
15 Rosario Dawson as twins (2 Rosarios! Whoa!)
2 with Kerry Washington

( THESE + 47 MORE @ citadel_icons )
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icons [12 Jan 2010|07:51am]

[1-4] Amy Adams
[5-6] Ashley Greene
[7-11] Christina Hendricks
[12-14] Christina Ricci
[15-20] Emily Blunt
[21-22] Evangeline Lilly
[23-29] Evan Rachel Wood
[30-32] George Clooney
[33-38] George Harrison (w/ Pattie Boyd)
[39-45] Jennifer Connelly
[46-48] Jennifer Garner
[49-51] John Cho
[52-55] Kate Beckinsale
[56-57] Katie McGrath
[58-61] Kaya Scodelario
[62-75] Marion Cotillard
[76-77] Rachel Weisz
[78-83] Rosario Dawson
[84-91] Sam Worthington
[92-101] Sarah Michelle Gellar
[102-106] Zachary Quinto

Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 4 days, and after that, you NEED TO JOIN to see the post, but don't worry because EVERYONE GETS ACCEPTED! Please read the rules at the entry, and please leave any comments or feedback you have over there, too. Thank you! :)
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120 Rosario Dawson (public appearances) [17 Nov 2009|10:49pm]

120 various

{ THESE + 117 MORE @ citadel_icons }
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150 Rosario Dawson icons [06 Jun 2009|02:10pm]

150 various photoshoots & appearances
8 with Jessica Alba

{ THESE + 147 MORE @ citadel_icons }
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150 Rosario Dawson icons (with glasses) [18 May 2009|05:31pm]


{ THESE + 147 MORE @ citadel_icons }
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135 Rosario Dawson icons [28 Apr 2009|04:52pm]

1-96, 135 Rosario Dawson
97-118 (with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, manipped)
119-131 (with Will Smith)
132 (with Robert Downey, Jr.)
133 (with Fanny Valette, manipped)
134 (with Jessica Alba, manipped)

{ THESE + 135 MORE @ citadel_icons }
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From Rosario Dawson Online - http://rosario-dawson.net [22 Apr 2009|08:39pm]

Rosario Dawson's 30th birthday is coming up soon on May 9th and I know many of you continuously write to the site in hopes of sending along a message to her. Well now here's your chance!

Send in your emails, videos, drawings, anything you can come up with to rosarioonline[at]gmail.com by May 8th (the day before her birthday) in order to have your well wishes sent her way. As with anything we just have a few guidelines:

1.Write "Birthday Message For Rosario" in the subject line of the email to ensure we see it.

2. We're only accepting things via email because frankly we would hate to lose all your hard work due to the post office.

3. This is only regarding her birthday, we do not handle requests for appearances, scripts, treatments, etc. We've stated that many times before on this site, however it doesn't hurt to repeat it. Any messages that do not adhere to this will be rejected.

4. Speaking of... no self promotions. This is not the venue for it and it will be rejected.

5. We'll be sure to highlight messages over the course of the day, however if you wish for yours to remain private just let us know in the email and we'll respect your wishes.

6. Keep things respectful folks. No need to be lewd, the staff will reject it. Same rules apply for videos as well.

7. If you want to make a video message please upload it to youtube (or any video service of choice) and email it to us.

8. Be creative as you'd like! We encourage it.

Thanks so much for your continued support of the site and we look forward to seeing your messages!
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6 icons (snl shoot) [15 Mar 2009|04:21pm]


( aqui )

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35 Icons [02 Jan 2009|11:12pm]


[49] Megan Fox
[10] Rose McGowan
[6] Rose McGowan and Rosario Dawson
[5] Zooey Deschanel
[9] Katherine Heigl
[13] Katy Perry
[7] Katy Perry and Travis McCoy
[20] Leighton Meester
[12] Rachel McAdams
[29] Rosario Dawson

More here at my journal!

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50 Rosario Dawson PB Icons [02 Dec 2008|12:33am]

50 Rosario

{ THESE + 47 MORE @ citadel_icons }
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[20 Oct 2008|11:59am]

Episode 5 of La Pasion De La Decision debuts!'

La Pasion De La Decision - Episode 5
Click here if you can't view the embed.

Also, Rosario Dawson Online contest!

As some of you may or may not know here at Rosario Dawson Online we have two birthdays - one in April to mark when Rosario declared this to be her official website and of course one in October marking the day the website was first launched as a fansite four years ago. To commemorate our upcoming anniversary we're holding a contest because lets face it, we'd be nothing without the fans' continued support.

So what's the contest? Well here at RDO we want to encourage building a community where fans can interact. Therefore entering the contest is simple: become an active member of our forums.

What can you win? Three active members* will be chosen at random to win gift certificates for Amazon.com.

So what are the rules? Clearly to make things fair we have to give you guidelines.
  • You must register for our forums (it's free, quick and easy, trust us).

  • We define an "active member" as someone who has showcased interaction with members on some level over a period of time, this means you cannot simply join, create a few threads in one day and never return.Remember the whole point is to create community.

  • Current members are only eligible if they continue to post during the contest time period

  • No spam is allowed - members who do so will not be considered for the contest.

  • There will be three gift certificates awarded. One valued at $10, one at $15 and one at $20 (All in USD).

  • The certificates will be awarded via email so when you sign up you must do so with a valid email address.

  • The contest will span a month starting today October 20th until Monday, November 17th. Winners will be announced on November 18th.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at rosarioonline[at]gmail.com otherwise, join the forums and happy posting!
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    [15 Sep 2008|11:28am]


    Dear Voto Latino Friends:

    Here's a chance to practice casting a vote! We're SUPER thrilled to announce that Voto Latino is a MySpace IMPACT Awardee finalist for our work in voter engagement. The first for a Latino run - Latino targeted organization. Now we just need your help to win the prize. $10,000 to engage MORE voters and enjoy front page on MySpace for a full month to recruit more voters.

    As you know, Voto Latino is 98% volunteer run so this is truly a JOINT celebration. However - your work isn't done! The contest lasts ten days & you can vote EACH and EVERY day. How amazing that in recognition of Hispanic Hertiage month, Voto Latino is up for the running. Voto Latino is the first national voter engagement organization focusing on American Latino youth. 52% of all Latinos who cast a vote during the primary were under 29 years old!

    The call to action is simple:

    1) VOTE: Vote for VOTO Latino to win the MySpace IMPACT Award at: http://www.myspace.com/impactawards

    2) IMPACT: Forward this email to friends and your list serves.

    3) SHOW LOVE: Make Voto Latino a top 8 friend on MySpace for 10 Days & don't forget to vote each day starting TODAY

    4) SPREAD LOVE: Cut & Paste this bulletin:

    Americans REPRESENT! Vote for VOTO LATINO for the MySpace IMPACT Award http://www.myspace.com/impactawards - show our pride! Please repost: only ten days to vote & remember to vote EVERYDAY. Happy Hispanic Heritage month!

    5) SUPPORT: Paste this banner on your websites & profiles

    6) REPRESENT: Change your profile picture to this banner below

    Mil gracias for your support. We are at the home stretch in voter engagement. We're humbled by MySpace's recognition. lets join efforts and use your nimble fingers now to ensure a successful effort.


    Maria Teresa
    Voto Latino Executive Director



    Click here if the embedded video doesn't work.
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    Join the Facebook page! [16 Aug 2008|05:59pm]

    Join the page for Rosario Dawson on facebook to get the latest updates and connect with other fans

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    [27 Jul 2008|12:52pm]

    8 gemini division icons.

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    Rosario Icons [02 Apr 2008|07:26pm]

    15 Rosario Dawson Icons

    The rest HERE.
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    16 Rosario Icons [21 Mar 2008|12:42am]

    [001-004] Aaliyah
    [005-010] Beyonce
    [011-013] Christina Ricci
    [014-022] Stock: Easter
    [023-026] Stock: Fashion Photography
    [027-046] Gwen Stefani
    [047-049] Johnny Depp
    [050-052] Lily Allen
    [053-061] Lindsay Lohan
    [062-078] Rosario Dawson
    [079-086] Rihanna
    [087-097] Salma Hayek

    [098] Aaliyah
    [099-100] Beyonce
    [101] Stock: Fashion Photography
    [102] Gwen Stefani
    [103] Lindsay Lohan
    [104] Rihanna
    [105] Rosario Dawson


    More here @ staticromance04  
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    [19 Feb 2008|01:36am]


    Rosario's Official site is back up. Go register at the forums and the gallery. Sorry it's been gone for so long guys!
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